Citizen Science Opportunities

 Volunteer Wildlife Monitoring Opportunity

Department of Parks and Wildlife, Manjimup – December 2016 to November 2017

What: Opportunities are available with their project focusing on the use of remote sensor cameras to detect and monitor threatened native mammals and introduced predators. Field work includes preparing sites, setting up remote sensor cameras and collecting some basic habitat information. Office-based opportunities include processing images downloaded from the remote sensor cameras to record the species detected and their behaviour.

Where: Based in Manjimup, about 300 km south of Perth (share-house accommodation is available for those that live out of town).

When: Most weeks, December 2016 – November 2017. Preference is given to volunteers that can help for at least one or more weeks (week days only). About half our weeks are in the field, the other half are in the office.
Project overview: Predation by feral cats and foxes are the key threats for many native animals. The new Eradicat® feral cat bait, provides an important opportunity to improve the recovery of threatened native animals. The aim of this project is to sustainably recover the wild populations of woylies, numbats and other threatened native mammals in the southern jarrah forest by developing an effective feral cat control program to integrate with the existing fox control program. In the first stage of the project (2016-2017) lots of small-scale baiting trials in front of remote sensor cameras will be used to determine how, when and where to deploy the Eradicat baits to deliver the greatest conservation benefit. Using the knowledge gained in the first stage, an operational-scale trial of Eradicat will then assess its effectiveness on controlling feral cats and the benefits to threatened native fauna in 2018. The Commonwealth Government, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the World Wildlife Fund are supporting the project.


For more information or to register your volunteer interest contact;
Dr Adrian Wayne,
Science and Conservation Division,
Department of Parks and Wildlife,
Locked Bag 2, Manjimup, 6258, Western Australia
Ph: +61 (0)8 9771 7992; Mb: 0427 755 165; Fax: +61 (0)8 9777 1183;