Ocean, Waterways and Landscapes: STEM* in Action

Science Conference 2016    

October 20 @ 9:00 am – October 21 @ 4:00 pm

Sanctuary Golf Resort, 100 Old Coast Road, Pelican Point, Bunbury, Western Australia.
On Day 1 guest speakers covered topics on the origin and nature of our South West region, our seas and landscapes, the biodiversity we inherit, and the science and technology underpinning management and sustainable options in regional development. The opening  address was presented by Emeritus Prof. Adrian Egan on the topic of  “South West Change: What Was, Is and May Yet Be”.  On  Day 2 speakers and working sessions were focused on the role, approaches and supporting resources for STEM education, community engagement through citizen science and the application of STEM to innovation and productivity. Copies of most of the presentations can be found below.

Session 1 The South West Landscape and Seascape
Dean Wynne  Budja, Sense of Place and Season
Prof. Stephen Hopper  The Ocbil inheritance: living sustainably with biodiversity on old climatically buffered infertile landscapes and seascapes
Hopper: The Ocbil Inheritance-2016

Session 2 Changing Oceans and Shorelines
Dr Thomas Wernberg & Chenae A. Tuckett  In hot water: climate-driven loss of kelp forests and changes in rocky reef communities
In Hot Water: Climate Driven Kelp Forest Loss
Bernie Masters  More Lessons from Geographe Bay
More Lessons from Geographe Bay
Dr Kath Lynch  The role of science in the future of the Vasse Wonnerup wetlands
Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands

Session 3 Biodiversity, to Monitor and Value
Prof. Barbara Cook and Ben Ford Species Distribution Modelling for a Changing Climate
Species Distribution Modelling for Changing Climate
Prof Giles Hardy and Dr Katinka Ruthrof  Forest Health and Restoration in a Drier Warmer World
Forest Health and Restoration
Dr Judy Fisher Adapting to Change: It’s Effects on Biodiversity and People
Climate Change Effects on Biodiversity

Session  4 Catchments, Land and Water Use
Dr Felicity Bunny Water for Food: South West Challenges
South West Irrigation Update
Kathy Dawson: From Source to the Sea: A Systems Approach to Catchment Management
From Source to the Sea
Prof Geoff Lummis STEM: A Human Endeavour
STEM – A Human Endeavour

Session 5 STEM  Education
Jade Warrington STEM- Preparing students for the future
STEM- Preparing Students for the Future
Hasan Rayan  Coding and Robotic Projects at Cooinda Primary School – in partnership with Little Coder
Adrian Egan STEM Engagement Leveraging Relevance
STEM Education

Session 6 Citizen Science
Dr Judy Fisher  Citizen Science in Action Elsewhere in the World
Citizen Science
Bernie Masters  Local Examples of Citizen Science
Local Examples of Citizen Science
David Byatt  App Design  and Data Management

Session 7 Science and Innovation An Entrepreneurship
*STEM refers to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics